Our Core


Pablo Pilpe is the CEO of Martin Cruz Jewelry.

Pablo was born in Guayaquil Ecuador and was raised in the city of Quito. His entire life Pablo has loved the beauty of the cordillera and the bold colors of the Andean countryside. As a young man, Pablo wondered how to marry the natural raw beauty of the Equatorial landscape with a sophisticated delicate look of jewelry. The idea of developing and designing jewelry came after  his work with Festina Watches where he served as a financial officer.
Although Martin Cruz came out of a love for beauty and fashion its inception was fueled by something much greater. Pablo (CEO) and his wife Jennifer (Co-founder) along with his Brother Daniel (VP of Marketing) have always wanted to highlight their culture and give back to the people who need it the most. Pablo and Jennifer have supported educational organizations that providing their service to the disenfranchise children of the Andes. Jennifer is an educator who strongly believes that the greatest gift you can give someone in need it’s a great education.

12010644_10153044014186817_8202545531053386955_o Ecuadorian Ladies Ecuador girlWith that as a chore believe she has worked as a teacher and administrator for years providing her expertise in educational methods and curriculum. Pablo has also joined the forces of education by changing his focus and leaving the corporate world to work in business and accounting at a school in South Carolina. Daniel (not an original co-founder of Martin Cruz Jewelry) has used his experience in marketing and film (video production) to serve several non-profit organizations with a strong focus on children and education.

In 2014 Daniel and his wife Jaycee traveled to a small village in Dominican Republic to bring support to a nonprofit ministry by implementing an English educational program (created by Jaycee Pilpe). Martin Cruz Jewelry is a company that has been created to give back and to aid children, specifically girls who are not able to receive a proper education. “Using this company we can fund the great work being done with at risk education first in South America and eventually (God willing) the whole world” (Daniel Pilpe VP Marketing), with this as a unanimous goal the team at Martin Cruz is launching their first public sale campaign in 2016. This campaigned that has being created and polished for the past three years. Martin Cruz Jewelry is still tirelessly looking for ways to best serve those who need it the most: in the spring of 2016 Pablo and Jennifer will be traveling to Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela to learn how they can maximize their involvement and aid to the organizations working with children and at risk education. ” My deepest desire for Martin Cruz as I dreamed it and invited others to dream with me was and is to honor God and have a deeper purpose to bless the community around us and to bless the global community we are part of. This must be part of the DNA of the company”. -CEO-