About US

Our team is passionate about beauty but also very aware of the natural beauty that women posses. It is our philosophy that our jewelry should complement the bold unique features of a woman and not attempt to take attention away from her. It is our intention that our jewelry adorn an already beautiful and unique you. Our inspiration comes from the exquisite beauty found in the diversity of the world. Through our travels we have observed how each culture adorns women differently and according to their unique understanding of beauty. Our journey started in South America, Ecuador and Venezuela were the first places where our founders started to observe and celebrate the natural beauty of the people around them. -Learn more-


Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Like a woman

At Martin Cruz, we know that real beauty is forged from within. Our pieces are made with natural stones and soft metals, designed to complement the natural beauty of a woman. They are a tribute to unparalleled beauty wrought by time and elements in nature, and in our lives.